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"McDonnell Property Management Corporation Maintenance Guidelines"

Thank you for your recent maintenance request. We take every request seriously. Please understand that we want your stay with us to be a good one. In that respect, here are some things we ask you to consider to make sure the proper expectations are set and met.

1. We know you want your particular problem fixed as soon as possible. We do too. Sometimes, however, it takes time to diagnose and properly fix the issue. We are also likely to try several potential solutions before we find the one that solves the problem. Therefore, the issue may continue for a bit while we search for a solution. For example, imagine if you have a headache. You might try aspirin first rather than opt for brain surgery. Same goes for maintenance. We will try replacing an outlet rather than rewiring the entire house.

2. Our contractors are good, reliable people and we have used them for many years. They are, however, busy and often on a tight schedule. They try very hard to work with us on timing but sometimes other jobs take longer than expected or more urgent problems arise in the process. They will work hard to meet your schedule, but please do not be angry if they cannot meet your schedule or are late. We all want your problem fixed as soon as is possible.

3. Our contractors may need to get inside your home. We understand that your home is important to you, but you want your problem fixed right? If you feel you need to be there when they come to your home you may need to make a switch to your schedule to do so. We, however, trust them not to disturb anything in your home unless it is absolutely necessary. Any mess will be repaired and cleaned up. All contractors have been properly screened and had an employment background check done. So no need to fret, we checked them out.

4. Understand that it may take several days and several visits to completely solve your problem. Sometimes parts have to be ordered. Sometimes other contractors need to be brought in. Sometimes permits and inspections are required. Sometimes we simply need to troubleshoot, which may take some time. Rest assured though, we are working on the problem and trying to fix it as soon as possible.

5. Please understand that property owners may have limited resources. We know your issue is of the highest concern to you, but there may be other issues that have priority. Gushing water, lack of heat or electrical shorts will take priority over a dripping faucet or broken kitchen drawer. Please be patient, we will get to you. We promise.

6. Finally, we will do our best to keep you informed of the repair process. Sending us passive/aggressive texts or threatening to call the health department will not change things. You are on the schedule and we will get to you as soon as is possible.

7. Not every maintenance request is one the owner or landlord is obligated to fix. We take in nearly every maintenance request, check the lease and discuss with the owner. Sometimes we are able to handle courtesy requests, and sometimes we are required to enforce the lease provision or law that may actually make you accountable for fixing or remedying the problem. Clogged drains, accidental damage, and light bulb or battery replacement are just some examples. Don't beat up the messenger. We are just enforcing the lease and sometimes the law. Sometimes we must muscle our homeowners to fix a problem and sometimes we must help you understand you have to fix the problem. Being a landlord is tricky, and there isn't a perfect process. Please be patient while we look into all the aspects of your maintenance request.

Thanks again for your understanding. It can be a challenge managing properties. So, bear with us. We really do try hard and think you will ultimately be pleased with our services.


McDonnell Property Management Corporation

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